Professors Jose Luis Olazagoitia and Francisco Badea from the Research Group on Vehicle Engineering of the Antonio de Nebrija University (GREEN) and Jesus Ángel Pérez from the University of Oviedo have published the article Characterization of Urban Bus Acceleration Cycles for Fatigue Analysis with a Portable Low-Cost Acquisition System in the Journal of Sensors published by Hindawi. The publication, which is open access, has been published in the international journal with an impact index of 2.137, placing it in the second quartile (Q2) of Instruments and Instrumentation. 

The research, carried out in collaboration between the Nebrija University and the University of Oviedo, was conducted in the field of low-cost sensorics extension, and in this case, to the determination of fatigue cycles in bus structures. The results demonstrate that the low-cost acquisition system, which determines the loads supported by a vehicle, is suitable and provides a simple and economical way of characterising the acceleration of vehicles during ordinary service. The acquisitions used during the project were adapted to obtain the operational loads of several urban bus lines in the city of Madrid. 

The work has been supported and funded by the Nebrija-Santander Global Chair and the state research agency, RECUPERAME project.

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