Professors Carmen Iniesta, José Luis Olazagoitia and Jaime Gros from the Research Group on Vehicle Engineering of the Antonio de Nebrija University (GREEN) and Jordi Viñolas from the Francisco de Vitoria University have published the article Assessing the Performance of Design Variations of a Thermoacoustic Stirling Engine Combining Laboratory Tests and Model Results in the Journal of Machines published by MDPI. The publication, which is open access, has been published in the international journal with an impact index of 2.899, placing it in the second quartile (Q2) of Mechanical Engineering.

The equations governing energy conversion in traveling wave thermoacoustic machines are affected by their multiphysics nature. Their theoretical study is complicated and, in order to obtain real results, it is necessary to resort to prototypes and experimental tests. This work presents the theoretical–experimental study of a thermoacoustic Stirling engine in which, by altering some of its critical parts and analysing the experimental result, it is possible to improve its performance. The methodology used is based on the study and modelling of the active and reactive acoustic power flow for the improvement of the output power of the thermoacoustic engine. The work and analysis are illustrated through the instrumentation of a thermoacoustic Stirling engine with three different feedbacks. The present work presents the experimental results obtained in all cases, including their parameters, experimental data and analysis. The results are compared with the virtual computational models, allowing us to quantify the theoretical/experimental correlation and the performance improvement obtained that allows us to significantly increase the energy provided by the thermoacoustic machine. In conclusion, it is shown that the proposed methodology is a useful design tool that allows using a simplified and practical approach in the study of the power flow of thermoacoustic machines.

The work has been supported and funded by the Nebrija-Santander Global Chair, SEGVAUTO and RECUPERAME project. 

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