The Nebrija-Santander Chair of Energy Recovery in Surface Transport is organizing the IV Week of Initiation to Research for brilliant students, from May 30th to June 3th, 2022 focalized in Shape Memory. 

Candidates who want to be part of the selection process to participate in the IV Week of Initiation to Research in energy recovery technologies, must be students enrolled in the 2021/2022 course in Engineering Degree that is directly related to the field of research in technologies and methods of energy recovery applicable to surface transport, of all courses, who have passed all the subjects corresponding to their academic level in ordinary call.

The University of Nebrija announces 20 scholarships for attendance at the IV Week of Initiation to Research in Energy Recovery Technologies.

The chair linked to this call is the Nebrija-Santander Chair for the Recovery of Transport in Surface Energy.

These scholarships are for students from the Antonio de Nebrija University and also for students from other public and private universities nationwide.

The call is open for those interested in participating, send your application through the link:

The documents associated with the application can be downloaded directly from the Becas-Santander website.