GPEM - GREEN Working Seminar

On March 6, 2020, a working seminar was held between researchers from the Research Group on Energy and Environmental Processes (GPEM) of the University of Castilla-La Mancha and the Research Group on Automotive Engineering (GREEN) of the Nebrija University. 

The seminar was held within the framework of: I) the activities of the Coordinated Research Project between both institutions, called "RECUPERA. Recovery of residual energies in light vehicles. Technological impact", with the references RTI2018-095923-B-C21 and RTI2018-095923-B-C22 respectively, financed by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities in the call for proposals Retos de la Sociedad and II) the activities of the NEBRIJA-SANTANDER Global Chair in Energy Recovery in Surface Transport. 

The meeting took place in the laboratories of the School of Industrial and Aerospace Engineering of Toledo. In addition to members of the research teams from both universities, guest researchers from ESPOCH University (Riobamba) and the Salesian Polytechnic University (Quito campus) of Ecuador participated in the meeting.

During the seminar, the researchers focused their attention on the operation of demonstration prototypes of two technologies: the thermo-acoustic engine (device developed at the Nebrija University) and the production of electricity through piezoelectric paints (device developed at the University of Castilla-La Mancha). The main objective of the seminar was to share ideas for, from the mechanical energy generated by the acoustic waves of the mentioned engine, to couple a thin membrane covered by piezoelectric paint to, in this way, convert the residual thermal energy carried, for example, by the exhaust gases of a conventional engine, into electricity.