Autonomous Driving at an Affordable Price, a Combination as Perfect as Real.

The avant-garde side of autonomous vehicles is preparing to count on the valuable contribution that the tandem Fem Expert (engineering company) and Nebrija University (through its GREEN Vehicle Engineering Research Group) is currently preparing. 

The project headed by these pillars is born from a base that combines funds co-financed equally by the Community of Madrid and the European Regional Development Fund (led by the European Union), materialising the agreement signed on October 9, 2018, plus an additional contribution made by Fem Expert. The vital economic contribution boosts the formation of an experienced group of professionals who belong to the Nebrija University and Fem Expert, forming a collective fully focused on developing an ambitious project of rolling technological vanguard.

The work itself is focused on exploiting and making cheaper an incipient starting point that, nowadays, is a utopian desire for many pockets. This baseline pays attention to the autonomous vehicle, a machine with a high overall cost that makes it impossible for many potential users to join its differentiating proposal. This target is just another example of the unquestionable importance of technological development when talking about the development of a country and its economy. The pandemic experienced since 2020 has also placed its dantesque accent on the need to reinforce the commitment to this type of initiatives.

The achievement will also be the result of important contributions arising from a multidisciplinary study platform, combining strict engineering lines (sensors, mechanics, artificial intelligence, Machine Learning...) with other fields such as computer science or legal issues related to the essential vehicle homologation. In this way, many lines of study remain open at the Nebrija University to, surely, enrich the final work. At the same time, parallel research into, for example, instruments such as Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging), will help to outline both the ideal learning process and the virtues of a result which, in the end, would even be capable of "self-training".

With all of this, a wide range of potential external collaborations and additions based on Final Degree/Master's Degree Projects will also allow us to grow to a greater and better extent, enabling the enjoyment of technology linked to autonomous mobility that will be more democratised than ever and, of course, able to open up the debate to a future legal reality that is unlikely to contemplate all this potential.  

As this is a medium to long-term project developed at Nebrija University, anyone (students and professors) who wishes to collaborate in it can contact José Luis Olazagoitia, Head of the Vehicle Engineering Research Group, at the following e-mail address: